Live Coldwater Hard­shell Lobsters

o All Sizes Available

▪ 11⁄4­-11⁄2
▪ 11⁄2-­13⁄4
▪ 2–4
▪ 4–8

o Fresh Boiled Lobster Meat
o Raw 4oz. Lobster Tail In Store
o Advance Order for Fresh Boiled Live Lobster o Stuffed Fisherman Style

  • ▪  1⁄2 lb or larger part
  • ▪  Part boiled and filled with claw meat, ritz, scallops and crab stuffing.
    • ●  Advance Order
    • ●  Bake 30min. at 430

o New England Clam Bake

▪ Includes: live lobster, main steamers, corn on the cob, sweet and red potato, onion, hot dog, sausage, and seasonings

  • ●  Advance order
  • ●  Add 1 cup of water, steam 30 minutes

Fresh Certified Shellfish

o All our Shellfish is harvested according to the strictest shellfishing regulation o “Eat Them Raw” – Oysters, Little Necks or Cherrystones
o Advance order please, priced individually
o Our Shellfish Selection
▪ Main Steamers
▪ Quahogs
▪ Cherry Stones
▪ Medium Little Necks
▪ Small Little Necks
▪ Cultivated Mussels
▪ Oysters In Shell
▪ Shucked Quahogs
▪ Shucked Oysters
▪ Minced Clams

Crab – Live, Cooked, or Frozen

o All best of breed
o No preservatives or additives o Our Selection
▪ Live rock crab
▪ Cooked crabs
▪ Cooked crab claws
▪ All leg crab meat
▪ Large king crab legs
▪ Canadian snow crab
▪ Cooked dungeness crab
▪ Soft shell crabs

Steaks from the Grill

o “A” Grade Swordfish
o Yellowfish tuna
o Canadian Salmon
o East coast halibut (seasonal) o Mako shark (seasonal)
o Blue marlin (seasonal)

Italian Specialties o Calamari

▪ Cleaned squid tubes and tentacles
▪ Cleaned cut squid rings
▪ Cleaned squid tubes only
▪ Native whole squid
o Popo
▪ Small whole octopus
▪ Large whole octopus
▪ Baby octopus o Scunguille
▪ Fully cooked snails (whole)
▪ Thin sliced snails (1 1⁄2 pound)
▪ Chunky style snails
o Baccala
▪ Canadian salted codfish
▪ Soaked codfish fillets
o Eel
▪ 1­3 pound canadian eel
● Available whole or cleaned
o Smelts
▪ Dressed canadian (1 lb. bag)
▪ Dressed lake (1 lb. bag)
o Also available
▪ Sardines
▪ Sepia
▪ Anchovies
▪ Chichi
▪ Scampi

Shrimp and Scallop

o All natural, no preservatives or additives
▪ Shell on
● Imported white gulf
● Super jumbo (8 per lb.)
● X­Jumbo (12 per lb.)
● Jumbo (15 per lb.)
● X­Large (16­20 per lb.)
● Large (21­25 per lb.)
● Medium (31­40 per lb.)
● Available in 5 lb. boxes or thawed for your convenience (please call
▪ Peeled and Deveined
● Small salad shrimp (100 per lb.)
● Large shell­off (25 per lb.)
● Jumbo tail on (15 per lb.)
● Super jumbo tail on (8 per lb.)
▪ Fully cooked on premise
● Medium (20­30 per lb.)
● Jumbo (15­18 per lb.)
● Super jumbo (10­12 per lb.)
▪ Small bay scallops
▪ Large bay scallops
▪ Jumbo sea scallops

Appetizers and Entrees

o Bake and Serve
▪ Sea scallops wrapped in bacon
▪ Gourmet stuffed clams
▪ Clams casino
▪ Jumbo stuffed shrimp
▪ Jumbo stuffed mushrooms
▪ Stuffed sole with crab and breading
▪ Home style crab cakes
▪ Spicy stuffed quahog
▪ Seafood stuffed crabs
▪ Stuffed 1⁄2 lobster tail
▪ Stuffed scrod with shrimp and ritz
▪ Stuffed scrod with crab and breading

Frozen Imported Specialties

o Whole cooked Cajun crawfish (5 lb. bag)
o Cajun cooked crawfish tail meat (1 lb. bag)
o Large Langostinos (1 lb.)
o Individual frog legs (single)
o 8 oz skinless and boneless Chilean sea bass (8 oz) o Precooked fish cakes (12 per tray)
o Canadian snow crab cocktail claws (2 lb. bag)
o Canadian dry salt cod (baccala)
o Cleaned Canadian eels (individual)

Seafood Utensils

o Littleneck knives
o Oyster knives
o Shrimp deveiner o Metal butter cups o Lobster crackers o Crab pics
o Shellfish net bags o Quahog shells